Museum of Natural History & Science in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Top 3 Reasons To Visit…

Boegley got a little bug-eyed over the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.  He had so much fun that we ended up being there for quite some time – after all, we had an all day pass, so we could take a break and go back if need be.  Sometimes that can come in rather handy when we’re pet sitting a sweet little dog that can’t just be left alone for hours and hours.


1. Tons of Educational Opportunities


We thoroughly enjoyed learning about earthquakes, climate change, carbon footprinting, dinosaurs, stars, and so much more.  With plates under our feet at The Quaking Earth Exhibit, we even had the chance to create our own earthquake and see how it registered.

Then, we moved to another interactive exhibit that helped Boegley decide which food items he should choose, so he could consider how much of a carbon footprint each menu item actually causes.

2. Planetarium

In a domed theatre, we got to watch a 30-45 minute video of the stars and cosmos.  This was Boegley’s favorite thing.  Of course, outside the theatre was a fabulous exhibit with large models of the planets and our solar system and even a replica of the Mars Rover.

planetsmars landing

3.  Evolator Time Machine

Rob’s favorite thing was the Evolator Time Machine.  It seemed like an elevator, but you go in and sit down.  Then a humorous video comes on to guide you through different periods of time -over a course of millions of years- in New Mexico.

It was entertaining and educational, but didn’t have the 3-D theme park ride feel.  That made Boegley happy.  He doesn’t like the movement of the 3-D rides.  So, this was much better for him.

Beyond our three favorite things, you’ll find a long list of interactive and fascinating things to do and see within the museum.  Plus, they have tons of camps, facility rentals, and even adult field trips. 

Just as we said earlier this week about Explora, with or without kids, homeschool/worldschool or regular school…we highly recommend checking out the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in Albuqueruqe!

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Honoring you,

Janelle, Rob & Boegley

Rob, Boegley, & Janelle – Magdalena, NM 2017









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