The Compassion Experience

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This week, Daddy, Momma and I went to visit The Compassion Experience that came to Colorado Springs.  It gives you a chance to “experience another world without leaving yours.”  Of course, we LOVE to travel, but this was pretty neat.

They had three different people from different countries that you could walk through to see how they lived.  They represented three different countries – Uganda, Dominican Republic…and I don’t remember the other one because we didn’t go through it.


We got to use phones and headphones to listen to the audio story of each child and the different rooms they had set up.  These rooms included what their hospital rooms, school rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens looked like.  I learned that poor people sometimes have rats and trash right in there living space!  

They’re beds were so small and more like cots that it seemed like they didn’t even have beds – at least not to me.  I learned that one family couldn’t afford apples normally, and when someone sent them one as a gift they all shared as a family.  It was a luxury.  The schools seemed nicer than most of their homes though.


At the end of the exhibit, they had a lot of children posted that needed sponsorship.  Sponsoring a child gives them opportunities to live in a safe place and maybe even go to college someday.  I would actually like to sponsor one of the kids very soon.

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After going to this event, I’d like to now go to where these kids live.  I want to see it in real life.