Turtle Release

Today we had the most amazing experience!  We got to witness the release of a rescued sea turtle.  This little guy, Tiny, is a three-pound Kemp’s ridley sea turtle.  They are the rarest sea turtles and highly endangered. 

Thanks to Gulf World Marine Institute this little boy was rescued from having his back flippers wrapped up in kite string.  Both were damaged, and on had to be amputated.  However, after a couple months of rehabilitation, he was “medically cleared and deemed releasable” by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  We had the honor of being present at his release this morning!

The above photo shows Becky, a Gulf World volunteer, giving Tiny his Freedom again.  You can see the release via video by clicking here

Anytime, you come across marine life that appears to be in distress or not swimming properly, you need to take on the responsibility of reporting this to your local authorities.  Gulf World in Panama City Beach, FL, has a team on call 24/7 to rescue sea turtles, dolphins, etc. in their time of need.  

But, let’s try and prevent issues like Tiny experienced.  Collect your trash and dispose of it properly!  Somebody had fun flying their kite, but leaving some string behind put Tiny’s little life in grave danger.  

From our hearts Tiny, we wish you a long life and great success in creating more little sea turtles <3

Remember life is an adventure, so live it,

Janelle, Rob & Boegley