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Top 3 Reasons to Visit New Mexico Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural History & Science in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Top 3 Reasons To Visit…

Boegley got a little bug-eyed over the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.  He had so much fun that we ended up being there for quite some time – after all, we had an all day pass, so we could take a break and go back if need be.  Sometimes that can come in rather handy when we’re pet sitting a sweet little dog that can’t just be left alone for hours and hours.


1. Tons of Educational Opportunities


We thoroughly enjoyed learning about earthquakes, climate change, carbon footprinting, dinosaurs, stars, and so much more.  With plates under our feet at The Quaking Earth Exhibit, we even had the chance to create our own earthquake and see how it registered.

Then, we moved to another interactive exhibit that helped Boegley decide which food items he should choose, so he could consider how much of a carbon footprint each menu item actually causes.

2. Planetarium

In a domed theatre, we got to watch a 30-45 minute video of the stars and cosmos.  This was Boegley’s favorite thing.  Of course, outside the theatre was a fabulous exhibit with large models of the planets and our solar system and even a replica of the Mars Rover.

planetsmars landing

3.  Evolator Time Machine

Rob’s favorite thing was the Evolator Time Machine.  It seemed like an elevator, but you go in and sit down.  Then a humorous video comes on to guide you through different periods of time -over a course of millions of years- in New Mexico.

It was entertaining and educational, but didn’t have the 3-D theme park ride feel.  That made Boegley happy.  He doesn’t like the movement of the 3-D rides.  So, this was much better for him.

Beyond our three favorite things, you’ll find a long list of interactive and fascinating things to do and see within the museum.  Plus, they have tons of camps, facility rentals, and even adult field trips. 

Just as we said earlier this week about Explora, with or without kids, homeschool/worldschool or regular school…we highly recommend checking out the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in Albuqueruqe!

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Honoring you,

Janelle, Rob & Boegley

Rob, Boegley, & Janelle – Magdalena, NM 2017









Photo credit: Pink Axolotl –

5 Favorite Things About Explora in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Explora in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Our 5 Favorite Things…

Boegley was quite happy to give Explora a big thumbs up after our family adventure there earlier this week.  Located in near Old Town Albuquerque, this was a very fun and unique experience. 

And, though we got in via complimentary passes from Amy Carr, Publications and Marketing Manager, the admission is very affordable for a family!

There were so many amazing interactive exhibits that it was tough for us to choose just five favorite things, but we finally made our choices. 

Amy Carr

1. Engineering and Gravity

engineering and gravity

We could’ve stayed near the entrance for hours.  Watching the balls roll along the tracks, drop, bounce and even cause the bell to chime was a mesmerzing experience.  But, there was far more to see and do, so we moved on…eventually.

2. Moving Air

But, we didn’t get far before we found one of our next favorite things.  An interactive exhibit about moving air grabbed our attention.  Via a simulation we each got the chance to sit down and try our hand at getting a model plane off the ground!  I can honestly say it was exhilirating.  All three of us, put this as one of our very favorite experiences in Explora.

Does anyone need a pilot?  Well, perhaps we’d better get actual training first and dozens of hours in the air – LOL!


3.  Axolotl

The black one in the photo below is one of the amazing Axolotl’s at Explora.  The corner photo of the pink one gives you a better idea of just how cool they are though.

At Explora they have a male and a female black one.  They’re full-grown daughter is similar to the pink one.

Due to these “Mexican salamander’s” ability to regenerate more than any other known animal on the planet, scientists are very intrigued by them.  They’re exceptionally gentle and curious.  Yep, seeing these little beauties was my -Janelle’s- favorite thing 🙂 

4. Paradox Cafe

Need a little break after exploring for so long?  On the upper level, they have a very unique cafe with tables and chairs as well as booths.  While only some tables have computers, each one has a unique activity to keep guests entertained while sitting down for a bit to eat.


The Paradox Cafe will make you wonder about your perception!  You have to really challenge what you’re seeing to decipher what is true and what is not.  At the current time in our country, that’s a great way to help our kids see that what we think is the truth may not be the case.

5. Curious Bubbles

Making time for the bubble exhibit is a MUST!  As you can see below, Daddy/Rob, enjoyed the bubble section.  So much so, that he magically grew a bubble beard!

bubble beard

Yes, this was Rob’s favorite exhibit 🙂  The exploration of bubbles in this section was amazing.  Bubbles continually grew here and there.  Tubs of bubble solution with giant dippers brought tons of fun.  And, we’ve gotta mention the bubble sheet.  

There was so much to do at Explora.  It wasn’t just for kids either.  In fact, they even have a night every other month specifically for adults 18+.  They have a “A Night with the Animals”, “Fired Up”, “Inventive Art” and more.  

They have educational programs and camps.  There’s toddler time, a live theatre and so much more.  So with or without kids, homeschool/worldschool or regular school…we highly recommend checking out Explora in Albuqueruqe!

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Honoring you,

Janelle, Rob & Boegley

Rob, Boegley, & Janelle – Magdalena, NM 2017









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Our Journey – Part Three – What Made Us Decide to Travel


About 3 years ago this coming March, we interviewed 22 couples for a book we were writing.  The focus of that book, Richer Together: Secrets to Working, Living, and Loving Side-by-Side, was about entrepreneurial couples and how they are successful as business partners as well as partners in life.  One couple, in particular, really stood out to us – Rhonda & Brian Swan, The Unstoppable Family.  Just one of the things that was mentioned during that conversation was to listen to your partner – even when you think their idea is crazy.

We were living in Westminster, CO at the time, and I remember hanging up from our Skype conversation, looking at Rob and saying something to the effect of, “Why don’t we do that?  Why don’t we just sell everything we own and travel the world like they do?”

We could see so many different places.  Boegley would get to experience the world like his older brothers never had – like most kids never get to.  The opportunity to teach him to appreciate the differences on a global scale was at our fingertips, and we wanted to take on a new challenge together.  Travel = transformation.  We were incredibly excited at the prospect.

After having gone through a few really tough years, we were more than ready for a big change…even bigger than moving across the country and leaving all of our family behind. That day we agreed that we’d do it.  However, both of our oldest sons were juniors in high school at the time – one of whom lived with us (Note: Our kids are his, hers and ours…so my oldest son was with us.)

This pushed us to wait until they both graduated.  The plan was to start traveling once we knew they were both off to college or whatever adventures their adult lives would bring them.  Ah…but our plans changed a bit.

We just didn’t feel quite ready the next year, so instead we opted to move down to Colorado Springs.  It took us another year to get Rob back out of his corporate job…then, we began to think about where we wanted to go.  Our plans of traveling were finally back on the table.

Last winter, we made the decision to finally get rid of everything – almost – and set off on a full-time traveling lifestyle.  First stop…the beach!

Yep…the above photo is one we snapped on the beach less than a five minute walk from our townhouse.  Yep…we got to go over there almost every day.  Yep…it was as beautiful and turquoise as the photo – more often than not.  No more cold weather. No more snow.

Yet, just after three months, we were hankering to get moving again.  Where to next? We decided it was time to jump into house sitting and pet sitting.  That literally opened doors for us that we never would’ve imagined before. Um…and will bring some snow and cold weather back into our lives – time to buy new winter coats.

As I write this post today, we’re sitting in Albuquerque, New Mexico taking care of a sweet little dog named Fritz.  He accepted us right away, which is always fantastic for both the fur babies and for us.  And, we get to spend time exploring the area from the Sandia Mountains to Old Town Albuquerque to the little town of Magdalena.  

Now, let me move this post in a different direction.  Since we also like to share with you about our spirit guides and signs from the Universe I’ll tell you that the synchronicities and the signs that showed up for us the first couple of days after we decided to take on the house sitting journey blew us away (and we’ve experienced A LOT – so this was pretty big).  The names we were getting connected to were often almost identical to our guides names.  The number “3” showed up so many times over the course of those first few days Rob and I were stopping to show each other every half hour or so…I’m not kidding.  Threes are HUGE for us – especially “33” and “133”.  To see them show up again and again and again – especially in odd places that were clearly connected to our planning – was downright uncanny.  

The signs haven’t stopped showing up either.  We continue to see them.  With traveling by car we often see “133”, “33” or “333” on license plates.  Now sure, if we just saw them once in a while it would be cool, but we see these almost every time we come up behind another vehicle or someone cuts in front of us and gets our attention…yep, their plate number will have duplicate 3s.  This is just one example – the list is far too long to share it all here.

Here’s the thing – you don’t have to be transpersonally or metaphysically focused.  Your spiritual views can be very different.  But, you still need a plan.  If you want to see signs and confirmations and if you want your travel adventures to go well, you need to trust and you need a plan.  That’s exactly why we put together the Six Steps to Live a Life of Freedom. If you have dreams of traveling full-time, part-time or just escaping the 9-5 then get access to the training by clicking here – it’s free! 

We’ll continue to share parts of our journey with you – not only going forward, but also how we got to where are now – the tough stuff and the amazing stuff.

On top of that, we’re going to be sharing more and more about our spirit guides with you.  If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be living the life of our dreams.

Life is an adventure – live it with no more boundaries,

Janelle (and Rob + Boegley)

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