The sea is rough and the waves are crashing hard.  We’re under a tropical storm warning and a hurricane watch for a few more hours.  But, the expectation is that all is going to be fine as long as we hunker down and stay indoors the rest of tonight.

A bit ago we made a quick run to the beach before it gets any rougher and before evening approaches.  We stayed quite a ways back from where the water had been reaching.  It’s important to pay attention and err on the side of caution.  However, we saw FOUR people all the way out in the water – waist deep!  With rip currents galore and bigger, harder crashing waves it is utterly foolish to behave in such a way.  Not to mention that the double red flags are flying, which means the water is closed to the public!

Point being, when you travel learn what the rules around you are.  Know what you should and shouldn’t do. Know how to stay safe.  Beyond that, learn the same guidelines in your business – literally, in regards to the location rules as well as metaphorically.

Be smart.  Be savvy. And, make sure you’re still around tomorrow to follow your dreams!

Living the beach life,
Janelle, Rob and Boegley

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