July 28th is the BIG day!

We’re just one week away from our official kick-start to our traveling lifestyle.  To say we’re excited is an understatement.  Since we’re originally from Indiana, we’ll stop there first for a couple of weeks – see family, friends (I have a girls’ night out planned…can hardly wait) – then, the Emerald Beaches down in the Florida Panhandle are calling our names.  

One of our sons transferred with his job down there, so we’ll help him get all set up there before we head out after the winter holidays.  The plan is to stay most places 4-6 months before heading out again.  Workshops, clients, retreats, seminars, and our own personal fun exploration are all going to be on our calendars.  With clients  (and podcast guests) from every corner of the world, we are really looking forward to meeting many of them in person as we travel.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 2.14.20 PM

Rob has decided he’s on a hunt for “big foot”, so who knows what kind of craziness he’ll be sharing.  And, of course, Daddy and Boegley have plans for the next Angry Granny book…so, they’ll be working on ideas and capturing pictures for it along the way.

Boegley’s new style of homeschooling as a worldschooler will begin in late August, so he’ll start sharing things here on the site on his page about that.  

I, Janelle, will be working on finishing up the two books I’m currently writing.  One is non-fiction while the other will be the first fiction under my actual name vs. a pen name that I release.  


We’ll say goodbye to gorgeous Colorado…hello to tropical weather and glorious beaches.

Remember, Life’s an adventure…so live it!

Janelle, Rob & Boegley