No More Moving Stuff

painting of colorful feet with flip-flops on sandy beach

We’re so ready for the exciting journey we’re about to undertake.  However, this time it’ll be a lot different than when we started four years ago.  On May 3, 2012, we loaded up in the car, hugged my parents good-bye and pulled out in the rain for Colorado leaving our hometown in Indiana behind.  Ha!  As is often typical, we realized we needed one more thing and had to turn around just a couple of miles down the road!  But, two days later we’d arrived in the Rockies to start a new chapter.

Moving more!

Indiana 2012 – We’re moving stuff…no more!

Anthony went from a high school of around 400 to one with about 2000.  Boegley started in public school, but that didn’t last long before we moved him to a Waldorf school and then homeschooling via an umbrella school the next year.  Common core…and a shy kiddo in the classroom – need I say more?

We made a lot of new friends and had some wonderful experiences between Denver and Boulder.  Then in the summer of 2014, we moved to Colorado Springs for a bit. Our intent was to move again last year, but we opted to stay one more year.  Now, we can hardly wait to leave the beautiful, snow-capped mountains for tropical, sandy beaches.  Oh, yeah.  Flip flops all year round!

Though we’ve downsized time and time again as we made each of our moves (especially after losing most everything in the economic crisis around 2010), this downsizing is A LOT bigger.  Now, we just want clothes for a couple of weeks at a time, laptops, iPads, iPhones and each other.  That’s pretty much it.  The rest is going.  Okay, there are a few pictures and some drawings we still have the kids did when they were little…those things will get stored at one of our parents’ homes.

But, otherwise, we’ll be traveling super lite from here on out.


So, many gorgeous places we’ve been, and we’ll revisit some of them before we leave for good in less than 80 days, but we’ll always be grateful for the beauty that lies in the glorious terrain of Colorado.

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Life’s an adventure – so live it!