Past interviews, speaking engagements and more.  We’d love to be interviewed or speak to your group or at your retreat.  Contact us.

2 Topics We Love to Speak On Together

  • How to Travel Rent Free
  • Six Steps to Live a Life of Freedom

4 Topics Janelle Loves to Speak On

We’ve been interviewed well over 100 times.  Here are some of those interviews as well as featured speaking and print mentions or articles.

Press Room  Interviews (Radio, Podcast, TV, Print)

The Segilola Salami Show – February 2017

Worldschooler Connect – Worldschoolers of the Week January 2017

Living Unconventionally Part 1 and Part 2 – January 2017

WMAP Radio – World’s Most Amazing People was live on air in December 2016

How to Be Magnetic, like Elvis, to Attract Your Perfect Client and Make a World Changing Impact

Biz Women Talk

Learn To Turn Failure Into Fuel

Embracing the Spirit of the Entrepreneur

Speak Your Value

The Secrets Ingredients to Success in Business and Relationships

Blunt Talk Radio

Mind Reading

The Couples Expert

Rediscovering Adventure in Relationships

303 Magazine

5 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Healthy, Happy and Sexy

The Champion Entrepreneur

The Launching Point

Blunt Talk w/Gino Arcaro

Fit In. Dual Meaning.

This Little Parent Stayed Home

Date Night for Parents!

Stephana Johnson

Honor Your Sexual Energy + Find Balanced Success Even When Married

Together 24/7

Journey of a Marriage

Interviews with Couples

Life’s Issues

Balancing Life, Business + Relationships

The Gazette

Local paper runs story on us.

Experts Showcase

Healthy Business Healthy Family

How to Be Successful In Business Together


Transforming Public Education

Why I Decided to Unschool Our Youngest Child

Take Action Get Profits

Building Long-Lasting Relationships

Kickass Biz Radio

The Secrets to Being in Biz With Your Spouse 

Tropical Entrepreneur Show

The Power of Love + Sex on Business Performance 

Gutsy Gal of the Week

Today’s Innovative Woman

Spouse Dates: Featured Couple

Respecting One Another’s Perceptions

School for Start-Ups Radio

Having a Great Relationship is a Fantastic Boost to Your Business

Life’s Issues

Orgasmic Discourses

Empowered Relationship Podcast

Digital Romance Inc.

3 Easy Steps to Plan Spontaneity in Your Relationship


Sexuality and Creativity 

Dr. Karen Kan Radio

Merging Your Sexuality and Your Spirituality

Boost Your Business by Having a Great Relationship

Last First Date Radio

Digital Romance Inc.

3 Ways to Experience More in the Bedroom – Article


Going the Distance

Interview with Janelle & Rob - April 13 at 4pm

Face What Matters 2 U

Cheval John’s What’s the Word Podcast

Mona Magick – Sacred Relationships (have patience as there were technical difficulties at start of show)

Lisa Copeland interviews Janelle about relationships (*no longer available online)

Be Clear Radio – Janelle is on a panel on relationships (*no longer available online)