We’re so often asked if we’re RVing.  That is something we opted not to do, but it is a perfect fit for thousands of people.  Maybe that’s you and your family?

The pics we’re sharing today are from Rocky Mountain National Park.  Last summer, we drove the Trail Ridge Road and stopped to snap these pics of moose right in the campground.  This certainly isn’t something you’ll find staying in most hotels or Airbnbs.

Here’s an interesting take on RVing and life…by Lisa Starr.

In many ways, RVing is like life, like enjoying the journey. Unfortunately, many people at many times in life feel like the destination is all that is important. To prove this point, in the movie “RV” with Robin Williams, the initial goal was the destination. In the end, the journey ended up being the most important thing. It’s strange how the destination can change based on the journey; goals can shift and one can realize what is really the most important.

RVing is also like life because there are going to have to be some repairs along the way. If the RV does not get fixed, just like a negative attitude, etc., it can be a LONG road ahead. The ability to make mid-course corrections or stop for repairs helps the ability to get to the destination safely and easily. Changing what is not working for the RV or the person inside the RV makes for a more pleasurable journey (for the driver and the passengers:P).

In addition, before going on a trip RVing, preparations must be made. Just as important, preparations must be made on this trip called life. Whether in school, on the job, or elsewhere, presentations of some sort need to be made. The more preparations are made for major life events, the more smooth the transitions become.

In RVing and in life, sometimes the memories are what stays with you. At times, it’s the happy memories of how the family bonded on the vacation/service project/spring cleaning of the house. Sometimes, it is who you became because you went on the journey. Other times, it’s the vacation/day where everything went wrong that creates the most memories. Because of those memories, we often have desire to take the journey again another time.

Anticipation is often more exciting than the actual adventure in both RVing and life. The anticipation of Christmas, the upcoming RV trip, the promotion at work, graduation, retirement, RVing during retirement are all exciting events that require planning (see a paragraph above). How many of us have waited with rapt attention for the winner of a contest? RVing preparation is the same way – the planning of the destination and the stops along the way, the campgrounds, etc. What a thrill to plan and think of what fun you’ll have.

The anticipation doesn’t have to end here.

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