For Rent – So Many People Love the House

For Rent

41 Days and Counting…Update…

Wow! We showed the house today. Mind you we just rented when we came to Colorado Springs two years ago, but as part of our lease we agreed to show the house to prospective new tenants once we decided to leave. So, we turned in the paperwork earlier this week…and two days later my phone started blowing up – phone calls and text messages galore.  Finally, after about the 4th person called to ask to schedule a showing, we decided on two impromptu open houses.  We had at least 10 potential renters come through today…that makes at least 20 people who wandered through the house today. We’re expecting just as many tomorrow!  And, at least four of the families today were instantly calling the property management company to apply.

Apparently, it is super hard to find a nice house for rent here right now.  There were a few families and people we really liked, but it isn’t our decision.  What an interesting afternoon though.  And, Boegley was a super host.  He loved welcoming people in and had a blast showing the kids how you can see downtown from our backyard as well as Pikes Peak. 

We’re getting closer…and closer…


Of course, the first stop will be Indiana, so we can see family…and I can have a much needed girls night out with some dear friends!

Then, we’ll make our way to the Emerald Beaches of Florida.  OMG – this is getting super exciting super fast 🙂

Stay tuned because over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some amazing pictures from here in Colorado though.  And, then we’ll share our travel journey with you.

Happy Weekend,