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Our Favorite Things About Beach Photo Shoot

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A couple of weeks ago we met up with Amanda of Amanda Puskar Photography at St. Andrews Park in Panama City Beach, FL, for a sunset family photo shoot.  Not only did she rock the shoot, but she brought her husband and kids.  It was amazing to meet her family, too!  She doesn’t always bring the whole family, but we were so glad she did this time.  What a great group of people!

Amanda and her husband, Jeremy, were so easy to work with and talk to.  She made quick work of getting numerous shots of us.  Her patience for Boegley’s high energy was fabulous.  We didn’t request anything in particular…we just let her tell us what to do.  It was fun to hand over the reins in an effort to get beautiful family pictures.

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This particular area is a great location for photographers, so it was busy.  But, Amanda made us feel totally comfortable and worked miracles around random people moseying along the beach.

What more could we ask for.  We met an amazing family, a great photographer, had lots of laughs, had our feet in the sand and splashed in the surf.

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There is no doubt that we highly recommend Amanda Puskar Photography.  In fact, getting beautiful, silly and fun family photos on the beach makes for a great excuse to visit Panama City Beach, so send Amanda an email or give her a call.

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We give Amanda and her crew a thumbs up!

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Our 3 Favorite Things About Ripley’s in Panama City Beach, Florida

Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to visit the S.S. Ripley at Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Panama City Beach, FL.  We had a great time, and highly recommend it if you’re going to be in the area.  Makes for a fun place to get in and cool off from the hot sun or a place to spend part of a rainy day.

The floating car that is a real working boat with a motor!

The floating car that is a real working boat with a motor!

Here are three of our favorite things:

Rob’s Favorite – The “dancing wall” near the end of the museum.  There are three screens you dance in front of (or make funny faces, which Boegley had a great time doing as well).  It made us think of the funny mirrors that change your shape and size, but it’s a real time video with music.  What a cool idea…dancing your way out of the Odditorium!


Boegley’s Favorite – The mirror maze.  It was well lit, but yet dark in a cool sort of way.  The positioning of the various mirrors easily tricked us into thinking we were headed down a hallway, but often we ran smack into ourselves in yet another mirrored wall.  It was a riot!  They even have guests put plastic gloves on, so the mirrors don’t become smudged with handprints.  Honestly, it takes a bit of time to find your way through the maze.


Janelle’s Favorite – The Titanic exhibit.  There is an actual replica of the part of the ship that was gouged by the iceberg, and it gives guests an idea of just how fast and how much water rushed in!  They also have a small display of water, which guests get to place their hand in to see just how freezing cold the ocean was that night.  With tons of information on that horrific event, this can make for a wonderful educational piece for homeschoolers, as well as for school teachers and parents.

Beyond that, the fact that there are 500 exhibits, a load of them are interactive, and they truly bridge the gap from really young kids to grandparents.  Some of them will give you a little fright – one button Janelle pushed dropped a big spider down…and yes, she yelped and ran away – LOL.  Then, there was the “Can you grab this jewel?” moment.  Rob claimed nothing happened when he put his hand in, but when Janelle put her arm in all the way…well…you’ll just have to visit and find out for yourself!  

Will Rob be bonked on the head?

Will Rob be bonked on the head?

Don’t just take our word for it!  Go see it for yourself, then share a comment with us.  We’d love to hear your favorite things, too!  


Thank you Audra Ely for welcoming us to the S.S. Ripley!


Life is an adventure, so live it,

Janelle, Rob and Boegley

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