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Our Journey – Part One – How we lost it all and overcame.

Rob and Janelle sandcastle ruins

Around 2007, it seemed like we had it all until our “sand” castle was hit by the waves of the recession.  I had just sold the company I started at 19 (a dance studio), and we were thriving in our other business (a bowling center).  We owned our home, three rental units, a brand new car (and the other one was paid off).  And, we were growing our family as Boegley, our third son, was born in April 2007.

But by July 2010, the rental properties were gone, our home was gone, the business was gone, the new car was gone and we were moving into a slightly renovated garage.  No joke!  We went from a five bedroom home to a 1000 sq foot garage space.  No heat, no air and the garage doors were still in place as well as the garage door openers on the ceiling.  Space heaters and a little window air conditioner got us through.  It wasn’t fun, but we made do.

There was a bathroom and a little summer kitchen in the back, and our freezer, washer/dryer, stove, kitchen table, desk and “living room” were all crammed into the same area.  I, Janelle, will never be able to thank my parents enough for taking us in and my dad, in particular, for going to so much work to renovate the space for us.

Having been so well known in the community and as well off as we were financially the experience was exceptionally humbling.  We had stopped taking paychecks from our business for almost two years in an effort to keep our staff employed, and I took a J-O-B working with impoverished families, but it wasn’t enough.  Ultimately, the personal and corporate bankruptcies we had to file were over seven figures.

It was time to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps, and make some serious changes. Rob took a J-O-B again.  He went to work in upper management at Lucas Oil Stadium (where the Indianapolis Colts play), but we needed a fresh start.  So, with a concentrated effort he was offered positions in Seattle, WA, San Antonio Tx, and Denver, CO.  We went to Denver.  


We fell in love with the Rockies, and made a lot of new friends.  After spending a couple of years around Denver, we headed down to Colorado Springs for another two years.  Every day we got to see the mountains – in fact, in the Springs we had a gorgeous view of Pikes Peak from our backyard.  

Yet, we knew we had to get Rob out of his J-O-B.  He needed to be back working just for us again.  We’re both entrepreneurs at heart – after all both of us started our first companies when we were just teenagers.  And, we knew we didn’t want to put down roots in one place.

We did a lot work towards building a couples’ coaching business.  We wrote a lot of books from Sexy Challenges (made best seller lists) to Richer Together to Collaborate with Your Soul and more.  We created a successful (and monetized) podcast, Mission Date Night, and released a number of Mission Date Night Adventures.  Then, we created another successful podcast, Authors Talk About It.  We began to take on authors as clients in different capacitites – and we still coach authors on their marketing.  And, of course, in the entrepreneur/life coaching we do now – trust me when I say there is often need for relationship/couples coaching for entrepreneurial couples.  

But, the really cool part is how many people began to ask us how we do what we do. The first week we left Colorado behind and officially began living as gypsies – living a nomadic lifestyle, people came out of the woodwork to ask for our advice, mentoring and coaching.  Guess what that means?    

Well, Rob and I have coached and/or mentored people in various ways for the last 26+ years, so we’re super experienced at teaching, coaching and mentoring.  Now, we have the opportunity to truly help others live a life of freedom like we do.  Work where you want, when you want, how you want and educate your kids YOUR way.  


We’ll continue to share parts of our journey with you – not only going forward, but also how we got to where are now – the tough stuff and the amazing stuff.  

On top of that, we’re going to be sharing more and more about our spirit guides with you.  If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be living the life of our dreams.

Life is an adventure – live it with no more boundaries,

Janelle (and Rob + Boegley)

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Ready, Set, Go…Um..Reset, Now Go!

Ready, Set, Go…Um…Reset, Now Go!

Launching into the Sea of Life (on your traveling or entrepreneurial journey)

Sometimes you think you’re ready to launch into the sea of life or the sea of being a new entrepreneur, but you suddenly realize you just might be going in the wrong direction!

On Saturday, August 20, 2016, we had the privilege of witnessing a Loggerhead Sea Turtle nest hatch in Panama City Beach.  *The above video is one from Sebastian, FL, via Ashley Taylor on Youtube. We’re sharing it as it offers you the opportunity to see what it was like.  We couldn’t video as it was at night, and you cannot use lights around the baby turtles.


This shows the inital cave-in and first signs that the nest might hatch last night. Picture taken by Rob.

The amazing little guys and gals wait on all of their brothers and sisters to come out of their shells, then they wait for the sun to go down (usually).  Then, they make a grand entrance into the world together, and launch into the sea.

It’s about preparation.  They develop and grow before letting everyone see them.  They also have some extra support before they take off on their trek.  In other words, they still have part of their yolk attached.  That should sustain them long enough to swim a mile or two out into the sea until they reach the seagrass where they will find food.  


In your business (or even in planning your initial transition to becoming location independent and traveling), you need to have a plan in place.  You need to develop it, allow it to grow just enough and have some level of reserve so you can reach your initial destination.

What if you do it wrong?

The nest we saw last night had somewhere around 100 babies.  A few started to head toward the ocean – like they should.  However, the hotel lights and some other street lights on the well populated Front Beach Road disoriented most of them.  So, the majority of the group headed west and north…they all needed to head southward.  The few that started to go the right way, succumbed to “peer pressure” and followed the rest going in the wrong direction.  

In this situation, had it not been for volunteers, Lorna & Jenn, collecting them all…and transporting them later last evening to a private, dark beach, this entire nest would probably not had any chance at survival.  

So, what if you make a wrong turn in your business launch or new program launch? After all, it truly is pretty easy to get distracted by all of the sparkly lights – “Do this!” “Go here!”  “Don’t do that!” etc.  A lot of people think they need to follow the rest of the herd because if they are all going that way then they must surely be correct – right?

Obviously, when you consider the turtle babies, you can see that blindly following the masses is possibly not the best idea.  So, what do you do?

Make sure you have a coach or mentor…someone to “save” your butt. 

Having someone help coach you or guide you is a key factor in helping know whether or not you are heading in the best possible direction for YOU.  They may not literally pick you up, gently tuck you in a cooler and give you a whole new shot, but a coach can help you reset your mind set

Always, always find someone you resonate with and you believe you can trust.  Read their books, follow them online, watch their videos, participate in their classes or workshops, and perhaps, actually hire them as YOUR coach.  But, if you believe you can just brazenly do it fully on your own, you might just end up in the sand dunes and get gobbled up by a crab or some other critter.  

Don’t let your dreams of freedom fizzle.  You deserve to swim baby swim!


Life is an adventure, so live it!

Rob, Janelle & Boegley


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