A little love and praise from some of those we’ve worked with…


 Robert and Janelle, thank you very much. You truly BOTH are incredible! I really really mean my words because you always take the extra step to make everything work perfectly no matter what time of the day it is. You’re simply some of the greatest professionals I’ve ever met. So looking forward to working with you for many many years in the future!  

-Patrice Bisiot, Celebrity Hairstylist, Author, Motivational Speaker

PatriceBisiot.com – New York, New York


Rob and Janelle Alex are remarkable Social Media Experts! My twitter feed was literally non-existent until they helped me create magic. Janelle and Rob spent a considerable amount of time getting to know my brand & message. They created a winning campaign where my engagement increased 1000% percent. Simply put, Janelle and Rob are not only wonderfully talented people to work with they deliver RESULTS! 

-Laura Corn, New Times Best Selling Author of 101 Nights of Great Sex  101Nights.com – Los Angeles, California


A great experience. Rob & Janelle enhanced my author experience.  I know Rob & Janelle invested time in my book and gave a fair review. More importantly, they shared the content of my message with their loyal community. It is refreshing to work with people who put in the time to authentically help other authors.

-Darryl Lyons, ChFC, CFP® is Co-Founder and CEO of PAX Financial Group, LLC. and author of Small Business Big Pressure
SmallBusinessBigPressure.com – San Antonio, Texas

I had such a wonderful time talking with you both.  Thank you so much for having me on your show. You have an amazing gift that puts people at ease and brings out facets that most folks overlook. I’m still smiling from our conversation today.

-AC Burch www.ACBurch.com

I can’t make another move until I thank you. The podcast is awesome. YOU guys are awesome.

So, thank you for having me on your awesome podcast. Your show Rocks! I can’t wait to start spreading the word so others can experience what you guys bring to the table. You have a true talent for bringing out the fun side of an author, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you. BIG thanks! Johnny

Johnny Walker www.ekkomysteries.com

You guys were great! A lot of fun to chat with, and a much better way to spend an hour than, say, running away from zombie ninjas with sharks attached to their heads, or even getting audited!
In all seriousness, though, I appreciated the time and effort that went into our discussion. Not just the hour we spent, but the obvious time you had spent preparing for the chat beforehand, and your focus and astute observations in the course of our time together. Many thanks, and I hope to chat with you both again very soon!  Michaelbrent Collings michaelbrentcollings.com
To Janelle: You taught me that “can’t” is not a word that should be uttered when you are struggling with something. You taught and showed me it takes hard work and guts to get out on that stage and perform in front of people, even when you are in pain. When I sprained my ankle the first time and you had to take my place into the competition group, you made me feel like I was still part of the group. When there was concerns about me walking again and all I could think about was being able to dance and cheer again, you showed me that through struggles and adversity comes joy and fulfillment. You made me determined to get back in my tap shoes and reminded me what a joy it was to dance. You never let me give up on not only myself, but my love for dance. Going to dance class was therapeutic for both my soul and my heart. You made me laugh till I wanted to cry, you listened to my concerns and issues, and you showed me it takes a true passion to express oneself. I shall never forget my years in your studio, the adventure to Miami, nor the last recital. Thank you for all you did to make me a determined, and sometimes stubborn, woman. It has stuck with me through the years. I hope this helps you in your endeavor. Love you. Amanda Callahan
To Janelle: During my time at the studio with you, you taught me a lot about courage. I’m sure you remember that I wasn’t exactly the most outgoing person in the world. By getting up in front of all those people for dancing and tumbling, you taught me to be courageous in every part of my life. You also taught me all about passion and commitment. While I have always had a passion for tumbling, I have more recently turned my passion toward teaching. Getting through these college years has been tough, but I know that what I am going through now will be worth it. Because of you, I know that I have to be committed to the things I love to do. Some of those times dancing and tumbling, I wanted nothing more than to give up and say I just can’t. (Very similar to how I feel about school right now). However, you were behind me every step of the way and showed me that no matter what I decided to do, commitment would prove to be the best path. In my major here at school we are asked to reflect a lot on who were some of our biggest inspirations and best “teachers”. I often think of you and although you were not a traditional teacher, you knew exactly how to inspire me to do what I needed to do. I’m so glad to hear from you and get to share just a small part of how you have impacted my life. I hope you and your family are doing well. – Love, Caitlin Russell
To Janelle: My childhood memories are of dancing in your studio! Dance was my passion and I would have tumbled 24-7 if my mom would have allowed me. It was the best day ever when we bought your old mats. That meant I could practice in the winter when I wasn’t able to in the yard. I had a little boom box that I would play and make up my own dances. One of the other found memories I have is when you let me help you teach one of your toddler classes. To this day I have a special place in my heart for children. You were always so encouraging and made me feel like I could accomplish anything. I also remember the day when one of your routines you created for my had me shaking my boobs. When you could see I was uncomfortable with that you changed it for me. I’m glad it was more about me learning and being comfortable then winning! I always think about those days growing up in your studio. There are times I wish I could go back! I was so shy and dance gave me confidence that I had no where else in my life! 🙂 – Monica Pingleton
To Janelle: I have had lots of conversations with people about jobs. I will never forget my first “job” working for you. I had so much fun doing something I love. I also learned the importance of working hard for things I wanted. After I started working I had to buy my own dance shoes 😉 With all the classes I took from you I learned the importance of hard work and how to manage my time. Doing homework in between classes at the studio was hard but knew I had to in order to keep taking classes. I will always remember the people I danced with… We were like a family and whether we were friends outside the studio or not, once we stepped inside we were all in it together. As a teacher you were great at interacting with us as a friend and as a coach. Very relatable. I wanted to do well for you because I wanted to make you proud. I loved dancing and I know you did too… Another reason it was fun dancing for you. You knew how to handle all our different personalities as well. I remember a certain occasion where Brandi Burgeson and I both competing with a solo. She and I were what some would refer to as “frenemies”. You made sure we competed in different categories so we wouldn’t have to go against each other. I’m not sure you ever told her this but you told me. I respected you even more after that because it showed how you wanted us to be competitive but not if it meant messing with our relationships. You did a lot for me and Whitney, and I’m so grateful for that. Favorite dance performance to this day is still At the Hop… We cleaned up with that one 😉 all those competitions and performances has prepared me for my career in ways that I would never has guessed. I treat my speaking presentations like a dance performance. My coworkers always ask how I can be so comfortable In front of so many people. I respond with… Years of dance performances 🙂 Anyway, thanks again for all the memories and I hope you have great year! – Lindsey Briones
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Thanks so much Janelle and Rob for interviewing me on your Authors Talk About It show. I really enjoyed chatting with you and appreciate your very energetic and refreshing interview style.  And your questions were great!  You really deliver on providing relevant content to your listeners.

Continued Significance!
– Chuck Blakeman www.CranksetGroup.com
Thanks, Janelle & Rob! One of my favorite interviews EVER! You guys are great. We went deep, yet laughed all the while — best combo there is!! — Michael Modzelewski  www.michaelmodzelewski.com
Kudos! Janelle and Rob were some of the most friendly and relaxed hosts I’ve ever come across. They put me at ease right away, and the whole process was so much fun I completely lost track of time. Even the set up was simple and efficient. I’d come back any time. Thanks, team! – Tash McAdam www.tashmcadam.com
Dear Rob & Jonelle – I had an amazing time yesterday afternoon recording my interview with you. I felt as if I was chatting with two dear friends in my own living room. Thank you for inviting me on your show. It was certainly a pleasure. Can’t wait to hear the podcast and I certainly look forward to hearing that you will be visiting Las Vegas – marriage capital of the world – really soon. – Stephen Murray www.TheChapelofEternalLove.com