There are so many things to do in Colorado.  We spent quite a while there and had a blast, so we thought we’d backtrack a bit today and share some of the coolest places we visited.  These just scratch the surface, but here you go…

Rocky Mountain National Park – It was a yearly drive for us every summer we were there.  Make sure you take a sweatshirt or jacket and a pair of shoes to hike a bit in. It might be 90 degrees in Denver or Boulder, but it can drop 30 or 40 degrees pretty easily in the mountains.  Brrr…  With different trails to take off on or even just hiking up to the highest point on a paved path it’s best to have at least a pair of sneakers.  You’ll likely see elk, moose or big horn sheep while driving along Trail Ridge Road.

Estes Park – Considered the “base camp” for Rocky Mountain National Park this beautiful little town offers a ton of nifty shops, restaurants, lodging and things to do.  And, of course, the famous and haunted Stanley Hotel is located there.  


Stanley Hotel – We didn’t get to do the ghost adventure package at the Stanley since our little guy is just too young for that.  But, trust us, we’ll make a trip back once he’s older and braver or once he’s graduated 🙂   It’s a gorgeous old hotel, and yes, it’s said to be seriously haunted.  We interviewed a psychic medium last year who actually had an interesting experience there.  Since Rob and I are both deeply connected spiritually and intuitively, we definitely need to go back.

Celestial Seasonings – OMG, the peppermint room was a memory we’ll never forget.  They give free tours, and you get samples of teas.  This was a lot of fun, and actually quite educational.  But, going into the peppermint room was, well, let’s just say your eyes might burn a little.  It was amazing, but Boegley got a little overwhelmed with the aroma and he and Daddy stepped back out of the room.  Definitely something to check out though if you’re going to be around Boulder.

Um...yes, you have to wear a hair net.

Um…yes, you have to wear a hair net.

Sixteenth Street Mall in Denver – This is a really neat place.  Located downtown Denver, there are tons of shops, restaurants, and hotels.  If you like a big city feel, then you simply must take some time and visit there.  On a funny note – watch your step.  The last time we were there (July 2016), we were attending a seminar in the area and on our walk to lunch I guess I stepped on a pebble.  Flip flops can be hazardous – LOL.  I went down with that instant pop back up and look around to see who saw you fall moment.  Luckily, the scraped foot wasn’t too bad, and I laughed off my clumsiness.  

Pearl Street Mall in Boulder – By far, we preferred going there over Denver, but that might just be our inner hippie coming out.  After all, we are living as gypsies now 😉 At both 16th Street in Denver and Pearl Street in Boulder, you’ll find street performers and amazing shops and food.  Boulder has the added bonus of having the flat irons…and they are just freaking awesome to see! 

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs – The first time we walked along the path at the Garden of the Gods, the energy shift blew us away.  It is so peaceful there.  It’s a phenomenal feeling, and something everyone should experience if they get the chance.  There are a couple of short walking paths that most anyone can do, and there are numerous hiking and biking trails in the area as well.


Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs – Ever wonder how the olympic athletes train?  You can see for yourself if you visit the training center in Colorado Springs.  It’s over 35 acres in size, but the walk is a pretty easy one.  Depending on who’s training when you visit, you can see weightlifters, gymnasts, swimmers, and more.  There’s a practice balance you can try, a punching bag, a bobsled and even wheelchair basketball – uh, I’d advise you not want to have your phone in your pocket if you try wheelchair basketball though.  You might just end up with a cracked phone…Rob has a tendency to run over cell phones when playing. LOL

Perhaps, you can see why Rob is NOT a member of the USA bobsled team.

Perhaps, you can see why Rob is NOT a member of the USA bobsled team.

Helen Hunt Falls in Colorado Springs – This is a beautiful little spot without a lot of foot traffic.  It’s super close to a paved road so almost anyone can walk up to see the falls.  There is a small hiking trail you can take if you’re a bit more agile.  This is a place we visited on more than one occasion.  It’s just so peaceful.


Sky Sox Baseball in Colorado Springs (or a Rockies game up in Denver) – We love minor league baseball games.  Loads of fun, and Rob sometimes ends up on the field participating in one of the contests.  Our older boys have sang Take Me Out to the Ball Game (in San Diego).  I seem to be a magnet for balls…no, not catching them.  A foul ball in Gatlinburg literally whizzed by my ear and the giant beach ball almost got me in the head at a Sky Sox game – thanks Rob for saving me LOL.  The best was last summer when Boegley drank soda, which he doesn’t normally do.  We began to think he was “drunk” on soda.  He kept dancing and cheering the team on and saying, “Do it for the Pepsi!”  


These were all places that we really enjoyed, but let’s not forget a few of the others:

If you’re heading to Colorado, we recommend every single one of these places or events.  Truly, there are an endless amount of things to do there.  We didn’t even touch on the vast amount of outdoor activities, but we wanted to take a moment and share some of the things we really loved during our time there.


Life is an adventure, so live it,

Janelle (and Rob + Boegley)

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